For Architects & Engineers

Westerman provides a full complement of consulting services to Architects and Engineers. We work with you at any stage of your project to insure that your firm provides the most complete and most accurate information to your client.

We will review plans and specifications for constructability during the design development phase when it is not feasible to retain the services of a Construction Manager. These services are ideally suited to the design professional on public works projects, as well as other types of projects where contractor interaction is limited by the Owner. Utilizing our decades of experience we offer the following:

Scrutinize the documents from a bidder’s perspective with the intent of alerting the Architect or the Engineers to possible issues in their documents that could after award, generate change orders.

Advise on the appropriate integration of means and methods provide comprehensive point of view regarding constructability.

Identify potential coordination problems among disciplines.

Analyze the best method for custom shop fabrications.

Identify long lead items and provide a schedule of typical delivery durations. Provide complete expediting and tracking services.

Collaborate with specification writer to find alternate sources for manufactured and natural materials in anticipation of a cost constraints and to avoid substitution attempts after award.

Assist in the streamlining of contract documents to allow for greater construction efficiencies.

Provide detailed critical path schedules to assist in the accurate determination of completion dates.

Provide detailed unitized and/or labor/material budgets during all phases of design development.

Review the project in terms of phasing and public safety and assist with the creation of a Tenant Protection Plan. This is especially important when building occupants will be present during some or all phases of a construction project.

Conduct change order or claim analysis.

Provide purchasing services, including purchase order/contract review.

Review shop drawings and analyze compliance with specifications.

Utilizing some, or all of these services minimizes change orders and claims while creating a more efficient and harmonious construction environment. This protects the design professional and enhances their relationship with their client, providing a path for repeat business.